Eternal Patriotic / 1 / «Hitler and his Humble Faux Friends» [ВИДЕО] [МИНОБОРОНЫ]

Опубликовано: 30 апр. 2020 г.

Russian Defence Ministry on the eve of the Victory Day publishes the documentary series Eternal Patriotic.

Viewers of a serial documentary film learn about the most important events of the Great Patriotic War from video chronicle and historical documents of the Russian military archives, memoirs of participants in significant events, and battles.

Famous actors Andrei Merzlikin and Sergei Puskepalis will tell about the true plans of Nazi Germany and its allies, the most important battles, the heroism and courage of Red Army servicemen, the fate of the Marshals of Victory and much more.

The film tells the historical truth about the early stages of the war, the most difficult battles, the heroism of Soviet soldiers, partisans and home front workers, round-the-clock work of the Soviet leadership and military command.

In the documentary, little-known stories of the young heroes of the Soviet Union, who fought together with the Red Army against Nazi Germany, the memoirs of actors participating in the war, Yuri Nikulin, Vladimir Etush, Anatoly Papanov and Alexei Smirnov, will be heard.
The last series of the film tells about the final stage of World War II, when in a few weeks in 1945 the Red Army defeated the Japanese militarists, putting an end to the bloodiest war in human history.

The film is available for download.

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